Custom Building


Rimland is a company dedicated to the construction of high-end residences in Long Island (Suffolk County), in the state of New York. The company is located in East Hampton and works mainly in this and other nearby towns such as Sag Harbor or Bridgehampton. The company builds custom-designed homes and carries out major renovations, creating new houses practically from scratch. In addition, Rimland performs custom carpentry work, offering faster and higher quality solutions.

Rimland Construction was founded in 2002, and since then it has built and renovated more than 40 homes, both on its own and as a subcontractor.


Its clients are usually people who live in Manhattan or its suburbs, and who have a second residence in the Hamptons that they use for weekends or vacations, as a place to rest, relax or have fun. They look for houses where they can feel special and have a good time with their families and friends.


The reason to be of the brand is to build aesthetically beautiful and durable homes, creating spaces and environments that impress and inspire, while building a close relationship with clients, architects and interior designers. To do this, Rimland pays special attention to detail and use high quality materials that withstand the test of time, in order to create a more beautiful community.

Rimland’s goal is to work on more challenging and larger projects and to build homes designed by the best architects to position itself as one of the leading building brands in the area.