Hang to Dry

Luxury Laundry

& Dry Clean


Hang to Dry is a new luxury dry clean & laundry shop from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company offers a fast and premium service, using the best laundry products and taking care of every detail of the cleaning process, as if the garments were their own.


The main goal of H2D is to be Riyadh's first laundry shop in which customers can leave their luxury clothes knowing that they will be treated and cleaned with the utmost care.


The company seeks to position itself as the main luxury laundry brand in the KSA, providing its clients with a totally different experience to what they are used to. 


The brand takes its name from one of the washing and care instructions that can be found on clothing labels, and the logo seeks to generate a direct link between the brand and the company's activity, by using a classic and recognizable element in this type of business: the clothes hanger.