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Follione is a hair care brand, developed in the UK by One Green Lab, that offers products for the different hair loss stages, both in men and women, with the goal of providing an effective, safe and convenient hair loss treatment.


The company has developed a range of products that includes shampoos, serums, foams or beard products, offering an alternative to conventional treatments, improving their results and avoiding their side effects. Follione also offers aftercare products for people who have undergone hair transplants or laser treatments.


The brand, which is based on the values ​​of honesty and transparency, conducts clinical studies to test the effectiveness of its products and thus build trust in both consumers and product prescribers.


The company wants to fight the common dishonesty in the cosmeceutical industry through direct and transparent communication, explaining to consumers what to realistically expect, while educating them on how the hair growth cycle works.


Growth is the central concept that is present both in the brand and in the packaging design. The logotype stands out for the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters to create the effect of 3 growing hair follicles.


For the packaging, a graphic system was developed that uses a series of vertical lines that thicken as they grow to represent the new hair strength and firmness.