Interior Design
Art Dealership


Findings is an online gallery dedicated to art, furniture and decoration objects, and a space where people can find inspiration to integrate art into their lives. The brand offers a selection of paintings and objects and helps people find the right place to display them in their homes.


Findings is a platform where people can find unique and affordable pieces, bringing them closer to anyone looking for art or furniture with a special touch, or to interior designers who have the need to find objects for their decoration projects.

Interior design studios Eva Marco and Raúl Martins came to us to develop the naming and brand identity to launch a new online store and top notch decoration services to meet the needs of the most demanding clients around the world, combining their years of experience in interior design projects and art dealership.

The naming suggests something that is found; a discovery, however, it also evokes the idea of ​​a decision or a verdict, reinforcing the curatorial role of the brand. In addition, Findings is a way of calling the tools and materials of a craftsman, endowing the name with different nuances related to its context.

The logotype is a wordmark in which the letter 'F' has been modified to create a symbol that represents the mitered corner of a frame or a furniture, which is perfectly integrated into the word, generating a link between art and the brand.