Fulfillment Finance Myanmar (FFM) is a financial company that started its activities in late 2019. The company offers secured and unsecured loans, with the aim of giving financial access and empowerment to a large group of Burmese society that currently has no access to this type of services, and that therefore has many difficulties to improve their quality of life. 

FFM aims to grow the business to serve all kinds of needs, from mortgage loans to education financing. The brand serves the new urban and rising middle class through a digital, customer oriented, frictionless and transparent process, eliminating all the gatekeepers of the regular financial institutions and in a shorter period of time.

The company saw an opportunity in the country's recent socio-economic reality, to create a brand that helps people get financial support so that they can reach their goals and carry out their projects. FFM seeks to be an empathetic brand and to become a true partner in the development of the lives of its clients.


Ultimately, the main purpose of FFM is that people in Myanmar can live a better life and have a brighter future.