Cake Shop
& Patisserie


Divvy is a cake shop and patisserie from Saudi Arabia that bakes creative cakes and pastries that captivate customers thanks to their grasping design and innovative high-quality ingredients. The main goal of the company is to be KSA's leading cake brand and to open consumers' eyes to new products and flavors.


The brand is a spin-off of Scale, a cafe and bar located in Al-Kharj on the outskirts of Riyadh and owned by the local restaurant group Coffee Tree Company.


At fagerström we develop the naming, brand strategy and visual identity of this new brand that was born from the desire of its partners to revamp the local pastry industry, which, in their own words, ’it is a very old profession that has not been modernized when it comes to manufacturing techniques, specially in product design’.


The naming suggests something that is divided, shared and enjoyed; just as it happens with cakes, while evoking something pleasing, delightful and divine.


The logotype is based on the idea of ​​dividing a cake into pieces, to reinforce the meaning of the word 'Divvy' and generate a direct connection between the brand and its product. The logo is a wordmark that is accompanied by an asterisk in the upper right corner; a typographic symbol or glyph representing a cake viewed from above with five cross sections dividing it into equal parts.


The entire brand revolves around the concept of art, from the design of the products to the way they are displayed. This concept has also been used to create the brand tagline 'Sweet Sculptures' or other communication messages such as 'Do not touch, eat', which invite consumers to appreciate the products and interact with the brand's creations.