Technology Consulting


Chaser Systems is a UK-based cybersecurity company working in the protection field, based on the principles of simplicity, specialization, product effectiveness and developer experience. The company seeks to solve the most complex cybersecurity issues, building solutions that act at the most fundamental levels, reaching an optimal balance between security and usability, in order to meet the needs of both security managers and developers.

Chaser’s flagship product is a cloud-based advanced firewall or NGFW that not only filters IP addresses, but also allows setting criteria by hostname or FQDN, achieving a much higher level of security than other products in the industry.

A key feature of Chaser’s products is that they don't require any user learning, since they have been developed to be natively integrated into the main cloud computing platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which makes them very easy to implement and use.

Chaser's clients are companies that by their very nature require strong and reliable security systems to protect the information they handle. They are usually companies in sectors such as banking and financial services, business management, computer and technology consulting, data management, insurance, etc.

Chaser Systems commissioned fagerström to develop a new brand identity that would allow it to position itself as one of the leading European cybersecurity companies, a field dominated mostly by American or Israeli companies.

The brand, which is based on the values of authority, precision, action or wisdom, seeks to convey concepts related to defense and security. The new logo features an arrow that represents a spearhead, evoking the seeker and hunter suggested by the company's name. On the other hand, the symbol can also be interpreted as an umbrella, a tool that symbolizes values such as efficiency and protection.