Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence


Calypso AI is a cyber-security company based in Los Angeles, California, U.S., that secure third parties Artificial Intelligence models against hacker attacks. The company started its activities in August 2018 after carrying out a rigorous research work. 


It focuses on the concept of AI Trust to address the multitude of emerging AI subversion tactics and model risks. The main principles of Calypso are the protection and security of its client's valuable infrastructure and ensuring that their AI models remains safe.


Calypso's clients are mainly financial services, governments and large enterprises or corporations; three markets with clear AI growth & strong breach implications. 


The company aspires to lead the next wave of AI-driven cyber-security and position themselves as the go-to-brand for AI security.


According to, Calypso is one of the 50 World-Changing Startups to Watch in 2019.