BSTIDO is a sustainable fashion brand that was born with the aim of creating feminine, versatile and durable dresses. The brand designs, manufactures and markets flattering and timeless garments that adapt to different styles and occasions of use, using high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly materials.

In addition, the company makes unique garments and avoids following fashions or design trends.

Despite the huge marketing investments of the fashion industry and the compulsive purchases that this generates, consumers tend to use regularly those garments that are of better quality and that have classic designs. Based on this insight, BSTIDO developed a brand that responded to this reality, combining it with sustainable production, made in Spain and with social commitment. The company wants to contribute to a more sustainable world with less waste.

The brand seeks to highlight the femininity and naturalness of today's woman, with special emphasis on the idea of ​​a free, strong and committed woman, who has fun and enjoys life. BSTIDO wants women to feel good about themselves.

The comma in the logotype represents a way of living and manufacturing. Slowly, seizing the moment and making what we like last as long as possible.